NetSquared Camp Chicago - Event Recap

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Taking place on September 12, the NetSquared Camp in Chicago brought together technology professionals seeking meaningful volunteer opportunities with organizations struggling to manage their technology needs. The Camp, one in a series of Camps Pilot events, aimed to help the Chicago nonprofit community build their technological capability and provide networking and volunteer opportunities for tech professionals. Learn more about the event including resources, stories, and media from the day:

Net2 Camp Chicago

The Chicago Camp was a mix of both traditional and unconference-style events, with over 60 people in attendance. The conference provided an opportunity for people coordinate efforts and create a larger social good community in Chicago.

Participant blog posts and mdeia

The following is a list of blog posts and media that came out of the day:

Speaker slides

Topics included online software, social media, web analytics, hiring web developers, utilizing cloud applications, using tech to go green, video, photography and using technology for collaboration. Here are a few of the presentations:







About the NetSquared Chicago Organizer

Heidi is the newest member of the Chicago NetSquared organizing team. 

Connect with Heidi:

About the Camp Pilot

NetSquared Camp events are fully-sanctioned NetSquared events that have a project focus and bring together local innovators and changemakers to build something together.  Camp organizers receive direct organizing support from the NetSquared team in addition to organizing resources and templates. Learn more in the Camps FAQ.


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