Net2 Recommends - September's Interesting Posts From Around The Web

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The NetSquared team reads and shares lots of different blog posts, articles, reports, and surveys within our team. We have a lot of fun sharing within the team and it occurred to us that we should start sharing them with you, too! Net2 Recommends is a monthly series of news and blog posts from around the web that we found interesting or inspiring, mind-bending or opinion-changing, fun or just plain weird.

  • Technology Trends Among People of Color
    Pew Internet
    An interesting overview of several trends in minority technology use. Are you surprised to learn that 70% African-Americans and English-speaking Latinos use text messaging? Read on to learn more about the changing demographics of technology access and adoption.
  • Pakistan Aid Groups Route Around U.S. Military for Relief Web
    Through crowdsourcing, collaboration and harnessing technology to make things happen, groups like CrisisCommons and Ushahidi are making a real impact in the wake of major disasters worldwide. This story highlights the great work that techies all around the world are doing to help people affected by the Pakistan Floods.
  • 20 Great Google Docs Templates for Non-Profits
    Wild Apricot
    Creating a presentation for your board? Wading into the end-of-project paperwork? Or maybe you’re signing up a new crop of volunteers for your non-profit... Whatever the task, odds are that there’s a time-saving template, free at Google Docs, to help you do more with less effort. Here are 20 useful Google-created templates that the Wild Apricot team put together:
  • A conversation with an orchestra website
    User properdiscord on YouTube
    Does your website answer the questions that your users are asking? This video (also viewable below) is a humorous account of how to NOT engage your audience.

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