Gather, Contribute and get Recognized through Applications for Good

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Are you interested in developing mobile applications for social benefit? The Applications for Good website is a space for people to suggest ideas for apps, identify funding, and collaborate on project development. Produced by the Social Innovation Lab (SIL) of One Economy Corporation, Applications for Good is an excellent place to match an application need with a solution, and provide visibility for the project once it's complete.  

On Applications for Good site you’ll find:

  • Needs. These are major issues facing low-income Americans…problems we think can be addressed with mobile, desktop and game console applications.
  • Solutions. Your application ideas to address these needs and to turn them into living projects through our solutions process. We work to identify the most promising ideas and align them with resources. These are solutions that can become sustainable business opportunities, provide meaningful work to developers and make user lives better.
  • Apps. Our applications catalog highlights what’s already been done to meet the needs. We hope it includes your work soon!
Go share your idea or expertise, or download one of the previously created apps today!