FACT Featured Project Interview: Narcisse Mbunzama Lokwa from Mydoctor

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In October, we announced the 15 Featured Projects for the FACT Social Justice Challenge and we are thrilled at the caliber and impact of all the Projects. As such, we want to give you a closer look at these collaborative technology Projects and the people behind them. We've already featured each of the 5 Challenge Winners, and we continue the series by interviewing the remaining Featured Projects. To see all of the FACT Challenge interviews, follow the fact interviews tag

In this post, we're featuring Narcisse Mbunzama Lokwa from the Mydoctor Project. The Mydoctor project is a health social network and mobile phone application designed to connect healthcare workers and patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The tool supports health treatment recommendations, promotes family planning, increases the health and wealth of the population, spreads real-time alerts, and collects medical patient data, all in conflict-affected areas of the DRC.

Learn more about the Mydoctor Project in the interview below!

Q. What was the inspiration for your Project?

Mydoctor project will connect patients and doctors through mobile application in developing countries.  I hope that Mydoctor will be an important tool for health issues in poor countries and will contribute to ameliorate the health of people living with 1 dollar by day.

Q. What else are you working on right now? 

We are developing considerable projects on the use of new technologies for health issues.

Q. Where do you see your Project in 5 years? 

In next 5 years, the project Mydoctor will be expanded in considerable developing countries, and will become a support for health issues in Africa.

Q. What help do you need to to get your Project off the ground?

We need to have a developers in our team and funds.

Q. How can people best follow your progress and/or get involved? 

They can contact us at: infogroupe@yahoo.fr

Our website will be available soon.