Connect with NetSquared at #12NTC

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Next week, the NetSquared team will be at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco. The NTC is an annual conference that brings together nonprofit professionals from around the world to collaborate, innovate, and maximize effectiveness. Here's what we'll be up to:



NetSquared team members will be presenting at the following sessions:

Local Community Organizers Affinity Group

  • Date: Wednesday, April 4
  • Time: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM 
  • Net2 Involvement: Claire Sale and Vanessa Rhinesmith from the Net2 team, plus various Net2 Local organizers as conversation leaders.
  • Description: Find your fellow local community organizers here to discuss the struggles, challenges and rewards of community organizing.
  • Session Takeaways:
    Meet other community organizers
    Learn about innovative community organizing techniques such as meshing online and offline, and use of video livestreams
    Opportunity to discuss the challenges of community organizing
  • Please join us afterwards for a special beerside chat sponsored by Schipul (UPDATE: Here's the invite!)


Designing Online Engagement to Collaborate With Your Community

  • Date: Wednesday, April 4
  • Time: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Net2 Involvement: Vanessa Rhinesmith from the Net2 team along with Amy Sample Ward and Debra Askanase\
  • Description: You can design online engagement to unleash your evangelists. In this workshop, we'll focus on all aspects of designing high-value, engaging, and participatory content that creates a partnership with your fans. A true evangelist is moved to create, is a seamless co-creator with your organization, and motivated spreader of content. Successful organizations intentionally design and construct multiple online channels that enable access for all fans and develop paths for relationship reciprocity and trust, fostering true evangelists.


Workshop: Creating Social Change With Social Technology. No, REAL Social Change.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 4
  • Time: 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Net2 Involvement: Ivan Booth, Net2 Local organizer from Philly and Creative Director at Rootwork is hosting this workshop.
  • Description: Online social change is sometimes derided as feel-good "slacktivism." It doesn't have to be. We invite both individual activists and staffers in organizations to join us as we push toward REAL social change using all of the tools at our disposal.

For Online NTC Participants

NetSquared Local organizers and GLC members will be moderating the following online conversations on Thursday, April 5:

We’re also planning on participating in loads of other sessions, so keep an eye out for us!



Will you be at #12NTC? We'd love to hear from you: @NetSquared.  Or connect with us directly: