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Today, we’re trying something new with our the NetSquared Local Groups that are using as their event management tool. In an effort to streamline our global online presence, we’re experimenting with a new way of managing some of groups that use 

From a Net2 Local participant perspective, the changes are minor. The main thing you’ll notice is that the lead organizer of your group will change to NetSquared, and the co-organizer will be the person that organizes your group locally. We believe this will raise awareness of the wider global NetSquared community and bring groups closer together. 

From a Net2 organizational perspective, there will be four main benefits that we hope will make this experiment worthwhile:

  1. Our billing will be much more streamlined.
  2. Organizer changes will be handled by NetSquared (before we had to go through meetup via email, which was pretty inefficient. This takes out the middle man).
  3. Our community members will be more connected to the global network.
  4. Net2 Local organizers will still maintain full control of their groups. 

Not all Net2 Local groups use Meetup, and not all groups that use Meetup have opted-in to this new program. Here are the groups that have:

… and we expect more Net2 Local groups to start using this tool over the next few months.

This new “chapter-based” tool from Meetup is still in beta. We are honored to be chosen as one of the first organizations to work with it. That said, there may be some teething problems, so please continue to share any questions or thoughts you have along the way.

Feel free to take a look around and let us know what you think in the comments below, via twitter at @netsquared or via email at!



Special thanks to Kathryn Fink from Meetup for all her wonderful help with the transition!



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