2010 Year in Review: Interviews to Inspire

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/brtsergio/1275188911/in/photostream/As the year comes to a close, we're reminded to reflect back on some of the highlights from the last 12 months. This is the third of four year in review posts I'll be sharing to highlight some of the exciting moments for NetSquared and our global community in 2010.

In this post, I'm taking a look back at all of the Interviews from 2010. I hope these amazing people bring you some inspiration for the new year!

Interviews with Technology and Social Impact Leaders

  • A “Spark” of Inspiration for the Extraordinaries
    Sparked (formerly The Extraordinaries) is a brand new online micro-volunteering network where people can use their professional skills to solve nonprofit challenges. We interviewed co-founder and CEO, Jacob Colker, to learn more about the tool and it's recent re-brand.
  • Building the Local Philanthropy Workshop in Romania
    We interviewed Chris Worman to learn about his team's efforts in creating a local philanthropy workshop in Romania.
  • Developing a Successful Web Analytics Program
    “Measurement’ is a big buzz word in the NP Tech world. But for some of us, recognizing the value isn’t enough to execute a strategy. That’s where Web Analytics Demystified comes in. They are a consulting firm that helps develop successful, sustainable, and scalable web analytics programs, and have done a great job sharing their knowledge and creating a community around measurement. Recently, we connected with the firm's founder, Eric T. Peterson, to learn more.
  • Building an Online Community for People Living with Paralysis
    We connected with Rob Gerth, the Director of Digital Media at the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to learn about the Foundation’s efforts as well as the techniques and technology behind its growing online presence.
  • Improving Water and Sanitation Resources Online
    We interviewed with Peter van der Linde, the co-founder and director of Akvo, a platform dedicated to realizing drinking water and sanitation projects in developing countries across the globe. 
  • Building a Community for the Print Impaired
    We interviewed Sachin Malhan, CEO and co-founder of inclusive planet, an online platform that enables people with print impairments to find each other, connect, interact, build communities, and share accessible content and solutions. Started in India, this project is rapidly growing to be a world-wide resource for the visually impaired to both learn and interact.
  • Melissa Nelson, Blackbaud TV
    We talked with Melissa Nelson, Blackbaud's Media Production and Outreach Manager, to learn more about their new initiative, Blackbaud TV. 
  • Kedar Iyer, PickyPolly
    We connected with Kedar to learn about a new project to help users measure and manage their consumption, in effect encouraging them to control their environmental impact.
  • Kivi Leroux Miller, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide
    Kivi is a go-to resource for nonprofit marketing and her new book is called The Nonprofit Marketing Guide. We connected with her to share a few marketing tips and find out more about the book.
  • Mary Joyce, Editor of Digital Activism Decoded
    After writing a post about a new book called Digital Activism Decoded, we followed up with editor Mary Joyce to learn more.
  • Scott White, The Kopernik
    The Kopernik is an online marketplace bringing together technology developers, donors and beneficiaries to provide basic necessities through technology to families in the developing world. We talked with Scott White, the Business Development Specialist at Kopernik, to learn more.
  • Hwa Young Jung, Manchester Digital Laboratory
    We connected with Hwa Young Jung from Manchester Digital Laboratory, a Manchester, UK based community space where members of the creative community can come together to meet, learn, and work.
  • Marshall Kirkpatrick on the Real Time Web Report
    The Real-Time Web and Its Future, a new report from ReadWriteWeb, focused on the changing ecosystem of the Web, one that runs in real-time.  We interviewed Marshall to discuss the report and the insights RWW discovered through the process of aggregating and distilling so much information from experts and Web users.
  • Colin Rhinesmith, CCTV Cambridge
    We interviewed with Colin Rhinesmith, Community Media Coordinator at Cambridge Community Television and Adjunct Lecturer for the Media and Culture Program at Bentley University.  Colin told us that they recently held a very popular social media workshop for seniors at Cambridge Community Television  but that it is a topic that would benefit from more coverage.
  • Change The Web Challenge Project Update
    We talked with John Brennan, the driving force behind OpenAction.org, which empowers individuals and organizations by helping them tell the world about the positive impact their actions have.  John participated in the Change the Web Challenge from Social Actions in 2009 and received $5,000 for his winning Project: Social Actions Interactive Map.
  • Scott Anderson of ClientTrack
    We connected with Scott Anderson from ClientTrack, a software solution aimed at increasing the impact of social benefit organizations and their work by “integrating people, processes, and technology.” 

Which was your favorite or most inspirational interview? And, who do you suggest we touch base with next year?


Image from Flickr user BrtSergio. Thanks!