Introduction ~ Social Actions' Christine Egger

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Hi, my name is Christine Egger and I'm with the Social Actions project. I met Social Actions' founder Peter Deitz last year through his blog, and have been championing this project ever since. I love that it brings attention to every kind of action that individuals can take to make the world a better place, from sharing ideas and commitments to distributing funds and other resources.

My non-tech background is in both grassroots international development (creating projects that make a positive difference for people living in remote communities) and in quantum and chaos theories that suggest we're not merely connected to one another but that we're fundamentally creating and created by each other, too. That view provides a compelling "bigger picture" around how and why we want to understand, learn from, and help each other, and I'm looking forward to meeting people at the conference who like the Social Actions' team are encouraging IT's contributions to that learning process. See you all soon!