UNICEF on "invisible children"

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UNICEF has just released The State of the World's Children 2006: Excluded and Invisible (Flash overview; text report is here). Radio Netherlands has a related story today. The following is from the executive summary of the UNICEF report...


To meet the Millennium agenda for children, including the excluded and the invisible, the following is required:

  • A massive push is needed to boost access to essential services for those children and their families currently missing out. This includes immediate interventions - dubbed 'quick impact initiatives' - that can provide a vital kick-start to human development and poverty reduction.
  • Longer term initiatives that are rooted in a human rights-based approach to development - many of which are already underway - must be stepped up or launched at the same time as the immediate interventions, helping to ensure that the latter are as effective as possible. Building up national capacities, through strategies led by national governments and local communities, is the best way to ensure the sustainability of these initiatives over the longer term.
  • Deeper approaches must be taken that give special attention to the most vulnerable. This requires the participation of governments - through legislation, budgets, research and programmes - along with donors, international agencies, civil society, the media and the private sector to reach the children who are most at risk of missing out on the Millennium agenda.