social and cause marketing

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social marketing coverI've been meaning to write something here about social marketing and cause marketing (though related, they're really different animals). Then I remembered -- smacking my forehead as in the old V-8 ads -- that I wrote a fair bit on this subject in Gonzo Marketing. As it's now one of those Search Inside jobs on, you can pretty much read the whole chapter -- or at least the salient pages -- using the links below. The scanning leaves something to be desired, as many of the pages are skewed, but I think this should work. I hope it will work. Like so much else on Net² at the moment, it's an experiment. Let me know if you have trouble with any of this...

UPDATE: Well, the experiment failed. Bummer. As I'd feared, those all those links I listed yesterday to specific pages of my book have now "expired" -- I suspect this has something to do with copyright protection deals Amazon has with publishers. I've deleted the page links, but you can get the same results by going to the main Gonzo Marketing page, then searching for "social marketing" (without the quotes). The most relevant pages are between 129 and 147.

As I wrote all that stuff a few years ago now, you may have more recent suggestions to share. That's what this site is all about. If you do have additional material or thoughts on this -- or anything else relating to nonprofit orgs -- register and set up your own blog space here. Or just send me mail.