open-source gains

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TechNewsWorld picks up a piece from today's Oregonian reporting on initiatives to put Linux on the desktop. One example...

When [Homestreet-Banyan Tree Inc., which runs mental health clinics in Washington County] decided to upgrade its computer system this year, it planned to spend US$200,000 on new software from Microsoft and computers to run it. At the urging of the Meyer Memorial Trust, which funded the upgrade, it instead switched to Linux.

With guidance and donated computers from the Portland technology nonprofit FreeGeek, the new system cost just $50,000, according to Amy Price, the center's technology manager.

Psychiatrists, therapists and others who use the computers were initially wary of switching from Windows, she said, but the new system is working smoothly. Price said users quickly adapted to Linux's subtle differences. "They realized that it wasn't as scary as what they thought," she said.

btw, the FreeGeek site is worth a look --
especially for nonprofits working with local communities.