love at first site?

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Sorry I've been away so long. It was my birthday on Saturday (I finally turned 29) and I got a little carried away with all the celebrating it. Here's something worth the wait, though. I think...


On Sunday, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported:

Washington University and the University of Missouri at St. Louis have gone into the online matchmaking business. What's that - WU and UMSL competing with in the Internet dating game?

Well, not exactly.

Over the past several months, the universities have joined with the United Way of Greater St. Louis, the Regional Arts Commission and several other local groups to form a different kind of online dating service.

The aim, ultimately, is not romance, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead, the new group hopes to pair local nonprofits with men and women interested in serving on their boards.

The web is creating some strange... er... bedfellows these days. This does seem like a creative approach, however. Click on the image above to check out the actual site.

after further exploration: While this could be a good idea, the publicity seems a little premature, given that many of the menu items "connect" to empty pages. Which -- perhaps especially in light of the slick, pricey-looking graphics -- is not such a hot idea.