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socially resposibleAn article in BusinessWeek Online -- Activist Funds Make Waves -- discusses evolving strategies for socially responsible investing. A reader comment at the end of the article notes: "Anyone can invest in these funds. Go to for a list showing fees and minimum investments." So I went there.

From the news section of the site, I linked to a press release: Forum announces endorsement of Katrina Guidelines, which promotes the "Katrina Business Guidelines" developed by Calvert, a company that boasts "the nation's largest family of socially responsible mutual funds." The Katrina Business Guidelines are available as part of Calvert's Katrina Special Report site, which is definitely worth a look as an example of community and private-sector cooperation. A section of the page titled Talk Locally encourages bottom-up involvement.

Share the Katrina Business Guidelines with your local community to build awareness of the need for responsible business practices in the wake of rebuilding. Consider ways to influence local companies to follow responsible business practices and to promote responsible design in your own communities.

Overall, this is a good example of what can be done to bring various constituencies together via the web to share solid information on issues (e.g., see the social research pages on Corporate Responses to Hurricane Katrina by Elizabeth Sheley, and Disasters, Equity, and Social Justice by Julie Fox Gorte), and to participate in financial action and influence with immediate real-world consequences.