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Tectonic, a South African open source newsrag, today runs a story titled Open source the focus at NGO conference...

The South African NGO Network's (Sangonet) second annual "ICTs for Civil Society" conference and exhibition will have a strong emphasis on open source software.

Sangonet executive director, David Barnard, says the conference will target NGOs experienced in the open source field, as well as NGOs who haven't actively engaged with open source software yet.

I hope my title slug above is warranted and that the code is getting down to the people who need it most and know best what to do with it. Diametrically opposed to the thrust of open source, imperial power has a way of replicating itself via the carrier DNA of the proprietary information technologies that have traditionally maintained and supported closed societies. Yihla Moja -- the man is dead.

And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...