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I spend a lot of time on Amazon.com, some might say too much. But I learn a ton every time I go there. The reason is simple: people who know a lot more than I do about any given subject have been there before me and left little bits -- sometimes big chunks -- of their knowledge. Is there junk, dross, crap? Of course. But for me, ranting at someone else's stupid (imnsho) opinion is all part of the fun. (Fortunately, only my cat hears me. And she generally agrees.)

In the following list of lists, there will also be a lot of repetition. But be careful you don't just blow that off as noise. Sometimes it's valuable information that 20 people all recommend the same book. Especially if it's not Harry Potter or something by John Grisham. Not that I have anything against either. Point is, the narrower the field of focus -- in this case nonprofit organizations -- the more knowledge is required to have any perspective at all. I hope some of these pages will prove useful. If so -- or if not, either way -- maybe you can contribute something of what you know, as well.

So you'd like to...