China's First Netsquared Camp - Sunday November 10

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A diverse group of China NGOs, foundations, techies, and tech companies are gathering to share cutting-edge tech and app case studies, from China and abroad, addressing environmental and education challenges. We aim to continue thought-provoking small group discussions, and brainstorm new ideas and solutions that address other challenges that China's 1MM NGOs and foundations are working on. Additional thanks go to Jpush, NetSquared and Oracle for event support.


Date: Sunday, November 
10, 2013
Time: 2:00p – 5:30pm
Location: Oracle 北京,北京市朝阳区景华南街5号远洋光华国际C座21层
Cost: Free
NGO 2.0, which focuses on tech capacity building for China's grassroots NGOs, unconference pioneer Open Party, Yiwei- NGO for youth activism, MIT's New Media Action lab, and TechSoup Global will have China's first Net2 camp with the Beijing Charity NGO Technology salon this Sunday Nov. 10. If you'll be in Beijing, register now!
NGO 2.0 is leveraging its experience in bringing NGOs and techies together from the past two Guangzhou Tech4Good / NGO tech network hackathons in Guangzhou (see past event pics below), organized with partner Sun Yat-Sen University. Interest is high for NGO tech in Beijing - many of China's prominent NGOs (est. 1 MM nationwide) and more than half of its foundations are based here. The BJ salon Weibo (China's twitter) invite has gotten 48,000+ views to date.
We'll be back soon with a follow up report of the event, and info on our next China events. We look forward to sharing with the global Net2 community. 

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