Subversion! Using YouTube, Photoshop, Excel and Twitter for things they weren't meant to do. Like fundraising!

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We are all guilty. You too.

We have all used Excel as a database, even though it's really not a database program. Real database programs take training - Excel, however, can make you that call list in the blink of an eye. So you use it. There's more: many of us have used Photoshop for making pamphlets and posters, even though it's not actually meant to do either. Worse, we've made pamphlets in Word.

The mind reels! Or maybe it doesn't, because frankly tech tools are made to be subverted. Especially by non-profit staff who are on a grant deadline, and just need a way to get this poster done, fast.

So you can imagine how happy I was to discover ways that people are subverting our new best friends - Youtube, Twitter and Facebook - for fun and non-profit.

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