Social Media Trysumers

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Are you a social media trysumer? A digital dilletante, you are constantly trying out all sorts of social media sites, online networks and forums.   You flit from one to the next, finally settling on a few that work for you - for now.   You are, rather literally, a social butterfly. You just might be the future of online fundraising.

Trysumer has newly entered our lexicon, describing a class of consumer who constantly seek new products and experiences.   The good news? They have a great willingness to experiment and play with new ideas and things.   The bad news? They have ridiculously short attention spans.

Put in these terms, being trysumer comes off as a pretty negative thing.   I can imagine a boardroom filled with marketing wonks, all wringing their hands over these new consumers who just won't behave. Where's their brand loyalty?   Why won't they stay on one damn channel?

Now put trysumers within the context of the internet and social media sites.   To me, their behaviour starts to sound a little more like engaged citizens.   Not the "vote once every four years" model: instead, this demographic is constantly voting with their feet, showing their support for different sites at different times.

Why are social media trysumers important to non-profits? (More...)