Chris Cronin on Google, SketchUp and autism

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Ever since seeing 'In My Language' for the first time on YouTube, I've been really interested in how people from communities that do not communicate the way I do are embracing and using Web 2.0 tools to connect with both their own community and with people like me.   When you have a tool that lets you see inside someone's head, the possibilities become infinite.

When we talked about ways for non-profits to use SketchUp in a recent blog post, we didn't know that it was a big hit with people living on the autism spectrum. Often, people with ASD are visually and spatially gifted - and SketchUp turns out to be a great tool to help model the pictures in their heads. SketchUp teamed up with non-profits and educators to create Project Spectrum, a program that connects kids and educators with software and teaching materials - and you can check out the impressive results here.
Project Spectrum project manager Chris Cronin tells us more about the project and about how ASD individuals are connecting with the 3D modelling software here.