Camps Pilot notes from the Field: Week 7

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We have three events taking place next week and I'm really excited - I know they all have great speakers and participants coming, and there will certainly be some valuable content and conversations emerging.  If you are in one of these regions and aren't signed up, check out the events in Portland, OR; Chapel Hill, NC; and Paris, France. But, back to the notes! It's been quite a few weeks, well, 7 now, that I've been sharing emerging questions and lessons on the blog and would love to hear your thoughts! (If you haven't been following these weekly notes, you can catch them all with the Camps-Notes tag.)

Week 7 Learnings

When we are far apart, shout. As part of our support for local organizers in the Pilot, we haven't only created loads of resources and templates and even a handbook, but we also have weekly calls and check-ins one on one with a Net2 Team member and the organizer.  But, despite all the resources and connections, we are still humans, and it turns out that humans aren't very good at saying what they need.  Our organizers, and even us a team, are surely trying though.  And not just trying but doing pretty well - though it isn't a matter of simply saying what we need. Sometimes you need to shout! We are all far apart, with no face-to-face opportunities. So the clearest, loudest calls for help are easiest to tackle.  Keep shouting!

Week 7 Questions

What's ahead in this process for process?  Yeah, meta isn't it? In recent weeks, I've shared in these notes some of the conversations around evaluation, reporting, and planning. But what about our own process? This is "week 7" of the Pilot, at least according to the Notes series. But really, we started this Pilot back in February when the participating organizers came on board; the first event took place two weeks ago, with three more next week, one in August and finally one in September. So, should we keep putting Notes on the blog? Probably only if there is something to share and reflect on. I don't think I'll push myself to post each week, just for timing sake, but I will continue to share as we learn and think.  How have you dealt with evaluating your process of process?

When does the "pilot" end, and "what's next" begin? With one event down, more soon to come, and the end of the summer probably coming much sooner than I'd like to think, I'm starting to wonder if there is a line between the "pilot" and the "what's next after the pilot." In a process like this where the learning, development, iterations and growth are all happening in real time and in constant cycle, can we even draw a line? Perhaps it's a nice, colorful gradient from officially trying something into officially putting it out there. We'll see!

Follow the Notes from the Field series for insights, ideas, and conversation about supporting a distributed conference model.

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Our vision is for NetSquared Camps to provide a local entry-point for entrepreneurial nonprofits/NGOs, developers and designers to demonstrate projects, build stuff together and forge meaningful collaborations.

Building on the success of self-organizing formats like Barcamp and the lessons we've learned in developing an inter-disciplinary approach to conferencing over the last four years, NetSquared Camps bring people, tools, resources and projects together to help accelerate world-changing ideas.

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