Camps Pilot notes from the Field: Week 1

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Last week, Billy announced the launch of the NetSquared Camp pilot.  Local organizers are already off and running, gearing up for the local events taking place in Chicago, Douala, Portland, and Vancouver.  (Plus Campfire events in North Carolina and Paris!) Each week, I'll be reporting here on the blog - a public view of the field notes in a way.  This pilot is a chance for us to learn and experiment together as a community and we know that the more we can share, in real time, the more we can learn!  I hope you'll join me, share your ideas, and help us build something really cool.

Week 1 Learnings

Everyone is different. Some organizers have a venue and date already set. Others have a great community interested in participating but haven't yet finalized a location. And that's okay! It's always hard to "let go" of the task list but trust is something we value highly in our Local organizer network. We know that these folks are rockstars and we know they know their community.  We trust them every month to organize events, pick speakers, and convene changemakers - so why get so frazzled with the Camp? We aren't. We super excited to have all the groups participating and know the event details will all start to come together soon.

A pilot is like a promise.  Many organizations, businesses, develoeprs and innovators are familiar with the term "pilot," meaning to test run, publicly give-it-a-go. We have received questions from organizers, our partners, and community members about what the future looks like for our global conference and the Camp model. We don't have an answer, but we do have a promise in the form of this pilot. We promise to give it the best go that we can, learn together, and continue to iterate as we have for the last five years to cocreate something we are all happy to take forward. We promise to show up and make something - and we hope you'll join us!

Week 1 Questions

Letting go of attachment to the outcome while still being goal-driven.  As I said above, we promise to support and invest in the pilot as much as we can. We want it to work and we want it to be valuable to the community. But what is "it" then? How can we continue to operate on a basis that trying, learning, and evaluating are the goals, while balancing the goal of delivering value to a global community in a localized way?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

Follow the Notes from the Field series for insights, ideas, and conversation about supporting a distributed conference model.

About the NetSquared Camp Pilot

Our vision is for NetSquared Camps to provide a local entry-point for entrepreneurial nonprofits/NGOs, developers and designers to demonstrate projects, build stuff together and forge meaningful collaborations.

Building on the success of self-organizing formats like Barcamp and the lessons we've learned in developing an inter-disciplinary approach to conferencing over the last four years, NetSquared Camps bring people, tools, resources and projects together to help accelerate world-changing ideas.

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