New Project entry - The Future is a Flying Carpet

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We want to build an online portal that will bring people together through collective imagination about what they wish, in their highest dreams, to be a picture of future cities, future governmental systems, technology, educational systems, economic systems, future visual spaces, architecture, environmental solutions, anything possible. It is in the belief that by undue focus on negative scenarios and individualistic commercialism, we are inevitably and unwittingly likely to hamper positive future development as a collective. As with the individual, we find many authorities talking about the need to believe in a positive element to bring oneself out of depression, everyone talks about curing the individual, but no one really gives too much attention to the individual in relation to the whole community – and how that could also benefit the individual. What if we could contribute to a collective shift in consciousness, as well as in practical action in daily life? One that doesn’t simply depend on what we already think, or what others have told us, but what our own hearts whisper is the need for all of us. It would form a platform for interaction through an online community and an interactive platform that would allow users to submit their ideas and make contributions to what they read from others. It is also envisioned that decision makers and corporations would use it for the development of their own enterprises, and that they would form the basic initial push to give the website its manifestation.

Please see our project page in detail and let us know if you know of any organisation who will likely fund a project like ours.