Burlington NetSquared: Mastering the Digital Revenue Cycle

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What are the steps nonprofits, businesses and universities need to take to accelerate their organization's growth? Burllington NetSquared organizer Amanda Levinson invited digital fundraiser Jacob Colie to present on January 28, 2013. 

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"Your revenue is directly proportional to the quality of your email names, website traffic and social media followers. The goal of your marketing program is to build a pool of prospects that lead to customers.  So, how does it all fit together? And what does it take to pull it off? Digital strategy consultant Jacob Colie will lay out the steps and activities that you can use to speed up your organization's growth with examples and time to discuss your own goals and challenges."
About Jacob Colie
Jacob Colie is an independent digital strategy consultant who helps nonprofits and small business master online marketing and fundraising. His work has generated over $77 million in revenue. He pioneered many of the key digital marketing methods and tools. His work has been featured in the New York Times, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and the Non Profit Times.