The Online NetSquared Conference: Three Ways to Participate

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Next Tuesday and Wednesday, May 30th and 31st, not only will the face to face NetSquared conference be happening, but so will the Online Conference.

You can participate in the Online NetSquared Conference in Three Ways:

1. Participate in the NetSquared chatroom where speakers like Mike Linksvayer of Creative Commons, Scott Heiferman of, Robyn Deupree of Bloglines, Rolf Kleef  of Greenpeace and Micki Krimmel of Participant Productions will be sharing info. and answering questions.

2. Chat it up in the Conference Hallway chat room. We're using for both chats which is super easy and user-friendly.

3. Post a question to be asked at a conference session, or write a blog post to start the conversation online.  Just peruse the conference sessions (link below) and click on a theme and session topic that interests you.  At the bottom of the session description you can add your question or blog post.

Also, we will have folks recording the conference for you on our



and vlog:

so you don't have to miss a moment!

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