Thanks for the Article, Chronicle of Philanthropy!

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy published an article recently, "Social Cause Sites Win Honors," about the NetSquared Conference (N2Y2) in their online and print versions. Unfortunately, it requires a subscription for you to be able to see it (and I don't have one to be able to share the details with you), but thanks for spreading the word CoP!

We also got a mention on their blog, Give and Take in the post, "How to Measure Nonprofit Effectiveness," about the highly charged discussion sparked at the NetSquared Conference about whether nonprofits are more sustainable if they they earn income, rather than rely on donations.

i don't think I'm going to touch that one right now, but you can share your thoughts in the comments of this post, the Give and Take post, or Sean Stannard-Stockton's blog, Tactical Philanthropy, where a lot of the conversation has been happening.