So Many Things to Tell You About!!

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Wow, there is a lot of fun stuff going on right now at NetSquared!  Here is the scoop-a:

Last night was really fun at Net Tuesday.  Myles from Meetup gave a moving presentation about Meetup's work including showing a 2-minute movie that got me a little choked up.  You can watch it on this page. Just click on "Meetups: Then and Now."  Jason from Electric Frontier Foundation got everyone riled up over their digital rights and showed us lots of examples, including a moving photo from a Flickr campaign to stop the blocking of Flickr in the UAE.

(Whoops!  if you just read a shorter version of this post, I got really excited and hit preview instead of publish, more news below):

Ok, more things.  You can see Tech Soup's Partnership Manager, Billy Bicket, talking about NetSquared on GeekTV.

We have thirty new "I Want Change" photos in our Flickr group.

And, we've got a bee-u-ti-full selection of NetSquared badges that you can put on your blog, web site or email signature, here.

I also want to say thanks to some awesome Net2Builders who helped out at Net Tuesday:

David Collin for recording last night's speakers for our podcast (which will be up soon) and to Kristie Wells from BrainJams and Celine Nadeau, Dénae Wellman, Henry Kumagai and Christopher Postoloff for helping to set up.