The Power of Podcasting

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As I wrote in my post, "Must Hear Speech from Barack Obama and the Power of Podcasting", on my personal blog, Have Fun * Do Good this weekend, one of the reasons I am so excited about the work I am doing with NetSquared is because I think that all of these new web-based tools, like podcasts are an incredible way for nonprofits to get the word out about their causes. There is something powerful about hearing Barack Obama's voice or the children's voices from the UNICEF podcasts or Nelson Mandela's voice from the recent ONE campaign podcast, inside your head. You feel close to them and their cause. I suppose it is how people felt when they first started listening to radio, like the announcer was in the room with them. As the technology for making podcasts becomes increasingly user friendly with Web sites like Odeo and Gcast, they are a tool not only to reach adults, but young people too. In doing a little research for my post this weekend, I came across the East Side Bloggers 2008, a blog by 10th graders at East Side Community High School. Now obviously, they were made to listen to Barack Obama's podcast about Rosa Parks by a teacher (there were about 10 entries about listening to this podcast), but I still found it heartening to find posts like this on the site:

i did enjoy this episode of "Memories of Rosa Park" because this podcast showed how skin color doesnt mean that your a bad or good person.

What a great tool for young people (and adults!) who learn my listening.