"Pimp my Nonprofit": The Washington DC NetSquared January Meetup

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You can join the Washington DC NetSquared Meetup group on January 16th  at 7 PM for a new twist on Net Tuesday with the first episode of... "Pimp my Nonprofit."  This month they'll be gathering to help out Trees for the Future, and one other "victim" if they have enough time, with an interactive brainstorm session for how to take their tech strategy and online communication efforts to the next level.  Through this case-study oriented conversation, others will have a chance to learn vicariously from some of the leading technology and communications experts in DC.  Consultants and geeks are encouraged to show up and strut their stuff.

Trees for the Future is an organization that has been the steward of planting trees throughout the world since the early 1970's. Through a people to people action plan, they restore tree cover to the world's most degraded lands.

"Pimp my Nonprofit": The Washington DC NetSquared January Meetup, will be held at the Affinity Lab •  2451 18th St, NW, 2nd Flr in D.C.  RSVP here.