Online Philanthropy is Hot, Hot, Hot!

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A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal Online posted an article by Rachel Silverman, "A New Generation of Philanthropy: Blogs, Social-Networking Sites Give 20-Somethings a Means to Push, Fund Favorite Causes." This week Kiva was on Oprah with President Bill Clinton to launch his book Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World, and now just sent out an email saying that they are included in the September 10th TIME in an article about the "Future of Philanthropy" along with Kiva and DonorsChoose. Those three orgs were highlighted in the WSJ article too, so I wonder if it the same one? Anyway, If you are working on a web

tool that facilitates online giving, I think this is your year.

Update: The TIME magazine article is different than the WSJ one. Here's the link.