Nonprofits and Flickr

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Micah Sifry had an interesting post last week about how MoveOn has used Flickr to organize their members' photos of events and its added benefits:

"Apart from being able to save server space and involve volunteers, MoveOn’s engagement with Flickr has had some unexpected benefits that come precisely from using a platform that is designed to push power to the users." Kane recalls, “One of our campaigners wanted a slideshow of photos from a recent action and was able to put it together himself, just by selecting the tags he was interested in and using the Flickr slideshow app.” He adds, “It's also made finding pictures for the MoveOn homepage and other materials a snap -- MoveOn staff can easily browse photos by campaign or time period.”

What a great tool for nonprofits to use whether to document organizational events (i.e. fundraisers, volunteer work days) or to use for advocacy ( of environmental devastation, substandard housing).

Let us know your ideas of how nonprofits can use Flickr to futher their missions either in your own post, comments on this post (or if you're shy you can email me your ideas and I'll post them for you!) and keep tagging your Net2 related photos with "net2".  We'll be adding photos from tomorrow's Net Tuesday event to our Flickr account soon.