Never Again: An International Youth Org Using All the Tools

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I came across Never Again this weekend while writing a post for BlogHer and thought I'd write it up as a Net2inAction case study 'cause they are using almost every social web tool available:

A wiki that anyone can join to share ideas, progress, and perspectives about Never Again.

A blog

Tagging and social bookmarking (they are using the tag neveragain)

Wiki webchats

Open-ended audio and text conferences 

And they want to start a podcast.

They also had a retreat at Lake Kivu in Rwanda in early February and are continuing the conversation as a virtual retreat.  In addition, they are encouraging participants to write collaborative essays online.

Never Again is a very new international youth network created to raise awareness about the causes and effects of genocide and to facilitate the exchange of ideas between young people who have lived through genocide and those who wish to learn from them.