Net2ThinkTank: Nonprofits & NGOs UsIng Mobile Phones and SMS for Social Change

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This month's Net2ThinkTank questions was:

How Can Nonprofits and NGOs Use Mobile Phones and SMS for Social Change?

Ken Banks of, submitted the post, Social Mobile and the Long Tail. You can listen to Ken Banks' presentation at Net Tuesday San Francisco and David Collins' interview with Ken on the NetSquared Podcast.

Sokari at Kabissa posted about Ken this month in the post, Ken Banks at the Mobile World Congress

You also might want to read the Pan African Mobile Activist Network (PAMOMNet)'s notes from The Mobile World Congress.

Katrin Verclas and Corey Ramey at MobileActive submitted a multitude of useful posts covering a range of ways nonprofits and NGOs can use mobile technology for their work:

General links for mobile phones and NGOs

Cellphones: The Mobile Frontier for NGOs

Mobile Phones and Social Activism - An Ethan Zuckerman White Paper

MobileActive directory of NGOs using mobile phones

NGOs using mobiles for advocacy

Turning Shopping into Advocacy via a Mobile Phone

SMS Support Network: Connecting People with HIV/AIDS in Mexico

Mobile Phones in Mass Organizing: A MobileActive White Paper

SMS Campaign to Fight Violence Against Women

Update on California Health Care SMS Campaign

The potential of cell phones to combat AIDS: Interview with Zinhle Thabethe and Krista Dong, iTeach South Africa

Mobiles in Service Delivery: Homelessness and HIV/AIDS

Using Mobile Phones to Advance Human Rights

Mobile Helplines and Info Services

Asian-Language Hotline Brings Housing Foreclosure Info to a Mobile Near You

A Mobile Language Line for Domestic Violence Victims

SOS SMS: A Text Helpline for Philippine Workers

Ask about Sex via Text: Teenagers 'Learn About Living' in Nigeria

MobileActive Video: SMS News For Low-Income Communities in Brazil

"Please Call Me" Messages with HIV Info: Mobile Social Marketing in South Africa

Texting for HIV Testing in South Africa

Tracking Greenhouse Gases on your Mobile

MobileActive07 Preview! Mobiles as Alternative Media in Zimbabwe

Human Trafficking Hotline: Mobile Phones in the Fight Against Slavery

Mobiles and Fundraising

Is mobile giving about to take off in the United States?

Watch Football, Text in and Donate to Fight Childhood Obesity

Is mobile fundraising the next frontier for charities?

NGOs using ringtones

Celebrate The Day of Love with Mating Call Ringtones

Why are ringtones-for-good so hot?

Endangered Species Ringtones

Citizen Journalism and Mobile Phones

Super Tuesday: Getting Out the Youth Vote with Citizen Journalism

Groundviews Mobile - Citizen Journalism from Sri Lanka on the Go

At Election Time It's Mobile Phone Journalism in Kenya

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