Net2 News Aggregator Gem: Why Nonprofits Should Blog

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I was browsing through the NetSquared news aggregator today (a great source of blog post material-hint, hint)  and came across a post from The Voce Nation blog tagged "net2" in, Why Nonprofits Should Blog.  The post was written by Whitney Smith of the nonprofit, Girls for a Change, a client of Voce Communications.  You can check out their blog, InHer City here.

Here are some of the things she feels that having a blog has done for Girls for a Change:

  • A live tool that we can use as a way to distribute information about our organization and issues affecting our constituents widely. This allows us to have a group of readers who increase their contact with us from a quarterly enewsletter to possibly a daily or weekly visit to the blog to read the latest news and thoughts.
  • An innovative way to engage our primary focus, young women, in using technology and creating systems of communication for them to widen their network globally. Our girls love to be able to contribute their voice to the blog and promote it to their friends. All young people now spend considerable time online and we have discovered that blogging can be a way of reaching them as an organization.
  • A way to reach out globally about the work that we are doing and engage future geographies in the vision of our work before we are able to establish a real branch in that area. We have also begun to be able to begin establish ourselves as a girl and social change hub.
  • Enhancing our current volunteer recruitment and donor cultivation tools by using the blog as an ongoing source of information about issues affecting girls and about social change.
  • A way to get our organization in front of more people for fewer dollars than we could ever do with our more traditional marketing efforts, our website or enewsletter.

Good stuff!  Keep tagging folks, and dipping into the NetSquared aggregator for inspiration.