Net Tuesday with Gabbly

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Teck Chia gave a short presentation about Gabbly.  I'm live blogging so please forgive errors.

Gabbly's developers wanted to create a way for people to connect in an easy way who have shared interests when they visit a web page. Their criteria was to build something that didn't need to be downloaded, that the user didn't need to register for, and that was interactive.  They came up the idea of having a chat that could be used through the URL, without going to the chat program homepage. Gabbly launched in March.

In order to to add Gabbly on your site, just add in front of any URL or fill out a form on the Gabbly site and it will produce a short code to allow you to embed the chat on your site. The service is completely free.

Many people have said that using Gabbly has allowed them to interact in real time for the first time with the people visiting their Web site.

We used Gabbly during the NetSquared Conference for the remote conference and the hallway channel.  Tech said it was one of their "proudest moments."  He also said that the Presbytarian Church just used it to encourage remote participants in a worldwide conference.

Right now there aren't any transcripts of chats, but there is an RSS button in the corner of the chat box and if you subscribe to the feed at the beginning of the chat you can follow the whole chat in your feed reader. You can subscribe to any web site's Gabbly chat by entering For example, to subscribe to the Net Tuesday chat use,

Photo: Flora Sun and Teck Chia of Gabbly.