N2Y2 Web for Social Impact Innovations: International

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We'd like to conclude our round up of N2Y2 project proposals by location with a look at the proposals that came from outside of the United States, as well as a couple that are virtual or don't have a centralized location offline.

If you would like to become a member of the Innovator Support Network and help out one of these projects with your expertise, services, products, or other resources, contact Billy Bicket at bbicket@compumentor.org.



A DreamNow: Providing Follow-Up for Organizations
Elevator Pitch: Thousands of organizations run programs which excite people but the momentum created doesn't translate into action. DreamNow ensures hundreds of thousands of people inspired by programs go home and do something, achieve goals and change the world.

DonorTrust Technology (ChristmasFuture.org)
Elevator Pitch: We are empowering everyday people in North America to participate in eradicating extreme poverty by redirecting one gift at Christmas...and then watch the world change because of the decision they've made to do Christmas differently.

Edvolution.net: E-learning and Social Networking for Education Reform
Elevator Pitch: Edvolution, beginning with the issue of Education Reform, hopes to change the habits of uninformed voters. Using collaborative/social networking tools, we want to make learning about issues easier for typical voters.

Foik Micro-Philanthropy Network
Elevator Pitch: Foik aims to do to philanthropy what eBay did to the auction house: increase participation by helping people connect with people.

New Independence New Abilities
Elevator Pitch: Medical Rehabilitation Facility in India for People with Disabilities offering Mobile Units equipped with Remote TeleMedicine & Employment Technologies & latest Assistive & Mobility-Aids Programs & Services & MedicalTeam=RECOVERY

rabble local
Elevator Pitch: rabble local will:

* Further democratize media access and activity in Canada (and beyond)
* Build the capacity of local communities to share information and their
perspectives on issues within and affecting their communities

TakingITGlobal.org (N2Y2 Featured Project)
Elevator Pitch: What if youth everywhere came together to inspire each other, get informed about social issues, and involved in their communities? TakingITGlobal evolved from this idea to a Social Network for Social Good, inspiring youth to create a better world.

Elevator Pitch: Personal and social development requires literacy. Yodigo is a new system for delivering literacy in difficult conditions. Yodigo uses new digital technologies, but technology is not why it works. Yodigo works because it is based on incentives.

Youth Are Working
Elevator Pitch: Empower Empower That is our philosophy. Youth Are Working encourages youth at risk to make positive changes in their turbulent lives. These youth are asking us for more training on internet related technologies to help make them more employable



Global Lives Project
Elevator Pitch: An online video encyclopedia of human life experience; a unique video installation that can be assembled anywhere on earth; a chance to jump out of your reality and into one you would never have known. Collaborative, volunteer-driven, open source.


Social Web Tools for Developing Countries: Yankana.org (N2Y2 Featured Project)
Elevator Pitch: Yankana is a project designed to help non profits located in developing countries to adopt and benefit from social web tools in their fields of work, without technical skills, financial resources for infrastructure or english language knowledge.

Dominican Republic

Project ABC: Community Literacy in the Bateyes
Elevator Pitch: Project ABC works in Haitian-Dominican communities of the Dominican Republic establishing community-based literacy programs. ABC utilizes the resources of social web to innovate its programs, build solidarity, and broaden its impact.


Telecommunications and Microfinances for The Poor and The Poorest
Elevator Pitch: This project will provide rural families in the Andes of Peru with access to telecommunications and microfinancial services in their communities for the first time.



Inter. Act!: the Future Nigeria
Elevator Pitch: Following the return of democracy to Nigeria, there has been an explosion of Non-Governmental organizations. We want to employ the social web to build needed credibility and visibility for those NGOs who are honestly committed to making change.


The Nata Village blog. A unique opportunity to witness the battle to control the spread of HIV/AIDS in an African village
Elevator Pitch: Nata, Botswana is a village of hope. Donations from the blog:
http://natavillage.org are used to help the 400 orphans, people living with HIV/AIDS, Nata clinic, and a youth group.


moulin Wiki - the Offline Wikipedia
Elevator Pitch: The moulin wiki project is our attempt to improve the access to basic information and reference material in developing countries by making it possible to access Wikipedia, the world's largest, free encylopedia, offline.


Community-Owned Telecenter Project
Elevator Pitch: Narrowing the existing digital gap in Malawi through Telecenters.



(Elevator Pitch): ArtHeart project's goal is to affect a positive, physical change in the Bulgarian natural environment by stimulating the creation and propagation of digital artwork in order to call attention to Bulgaria's natural beauty, or its destruction.


A Global Neighbour Network: NABUUR.com (N2Y2 Featured Project)
Elevator Pitch: NABUUR is an internet platform where villages in developing countries get direct assistance. Online volunteers help create whatever is needed in 150 villages now, and with your help in 10,000 villages soon: a societal revolution in the making!

Farmer 2 Farmer Learning (N2Y2 Featured Project)
Elevator Pitch: Farmers in developing countries can become more efficient and market oriented when they learn from experiences of themselves and their colleagues. Our tool will provide them with the means to learn by comparison.


Community Technology centres for children and young adults in low and moderate income communities
Elevator Pitch: This is a digital opportunity initiative for children and young adults in low and moderate income Indian communities.


Elevator Pitch: OpenStreetMap does for maps what Wikipedia does for Encyclopedias.


Targeted development for social, economic and gender empowerment
Elevator Pitch: Selling and deploying software tools to fund a strategy proposal which will leverage funding to deploy further technology yeilding revenue for a major reform of institutional childcare and the seeding of self-help enterprise.


Reversed Rural Electrification

Elevator Pitch: 1.5 billion people spend $38 billion/yr on kerosene lighting, having no electricity. Barefoot Power will help 1 million people access modern, clean electricity, using digital LED lighting and advanced microenterprise-creation freeware.


Cambodia & Laos

Digital Divide Data's project: A networking resource for disadvantaged people in Cambodia and Laos
Elevator Pitch: DDD provides socially responsible outsourcing services to clients and creates better futures for our employees in Cambodia and Laos. DDD will build an online forum for our graduates as a way to provide ongoing networking and growth opportunties.


Uddami Computer Training Centre for youth from low income communities in Kolkata, India
Elevator Pitch: Uddami Computer Training Centre empowers youth from low-income communities in urban Kolkata, India through ICT training so they can develop sustainable livelihoods in the ICT sector.

Universe-city of Human Unity
Elevator Pitch: Universe-city of Human Unity facilitates new ways to learn, explore and understand knowledge towards greater realization and awareness of the evolutionary change of consciousness that is reversing our age-old perspective of humanity.


Dgroups 2.0
Elevator Pitch: Dgroups.org is the home for groups and communities working to achieve international development goals. Dgroups current platform, Dgroups 1.0, is long overdue for a modernized replacement, Dgroups 2.0, based on Drupal, Sympa and web2.0 services

Second Life Relay For Life 07
Elevator Pitch: If innovation is your thing, take a real life walkathon and execute it in a virtual world, just for the virtual residents. Raise money for research, increase cancer awareness, and educate participants and that is the Second Life Relay For Life!

Photo Credit: Globe by Kieran Lynam