N2Y2 Remote Conference

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We're doing something a little different this year with the N2Y2 Remote Conference. We're kicking it off during the N2Y2 face-to-face Conference, and continuing it into the months afterwards.

The N2Y2 Remote Conference is a chance for nonprofit staff, supporters and technologists to meet online to discuss common challenges in making effective use of social media. Each one-hour moderated chat will take place on the NetSquared site, focus on one type of cause (health, environment, human rights, etc.), and feature a subject matter expert who will focus discussion on the possibilities for collaboration around that cause.

The chats will address topics like:

  • What is the biggest challenge for organizations seeking to address this issue using online tools?
  • Where do you see overlap between your work and the work of other campaigns/organizations working online on this issue?
  • What experience have you had collaborating with other organizations, and what conditions make for constructive collaboration?
  • What kinds of expertise or resources would help advance your work right now?
  • We hope that the N2Y2 Remote Conference will help your tech for social impact project, as well as the more than 150 projects that applied for the NetSquared Innovation Fund.

This week's sessions are as follows:

Health-related projects
Tuesday, May 29, 4-5 pm PDT
Guest Expert: Enoch Choi of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Environment-related projects
Wednesday, May 30, 9-10 am PDT
Guest Expert: Dawn Danby of WorldChanging

About the Experts
Enoch Choi is a family physician and partner in the Urgent Care of Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF). His practice affords him mobile daily use of electronic medical records (EPIC) coupled with a patient portal which allow them to communicate their various needs including virtual online visits resulting in a prescription. He is an active user of mobile technologies allowing him access to these tools, most recently in New Orleans providing disaster relief to returning evacuees. He speaks often and blogs daily about these interests on his blog, medmusings. Previously he served in various roles in Medicalogic/Medscape, including AboutMyHealth patient portal Sr. Manager, Logician Internet EMR Manager, and Content & Community Specialist.

Dawn Danby has been a WorldChanging contributor since just after the site launched. Dawn explores the intersection of design, sustainability and business. Which is a fancy way of saying that she wants the things we make and do benefit both people and the world. An industrial designer by training, she's a boundary-spanner who has acted as a cross-disciplinary designer and interpreter, art director, project manager, producer and artist. She has spoken about designing for sustainability at TEDGlobal 2005: Ideas big enough to change the world (Oxford UK), Subtle Technologies (Toronto), and Unilever (Sao Paulo). A Canadian liaison for the o2 Global Sustainable Design Network (Toronto/Ontario), she also researches and maintains the sustainable/design/portal as a resource site for product designers. With a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design (2000), Dawn is currently a 2007 MBA candidate in Sustainable Business at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. She's recently consulted through BGI on closed-loop manufacturing for a leading outdoor footwear manufacturer. Other hats: secret identity as a medical illustrator for numerous books and journals, specializing in women's health; former and future art-maker, singer. Dawn lives in Toronto. Aylanto, her little design consultancy, is named after the ailanthus altissima, best of the urban ruderal species. Invasive, heatseeking, alley-dwelling and concrete-devouring, they delight in inhabiting and remediating a broken landscape.