N2Y2 Media Coverage

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Here's a round up of some of the coverage from press and bloggers that we got last week during the 2nd NetSquared Conference (N2Y2):

Updated 6.6.07:
Tech Innovators Named in Philanthropy Journal

Nonprofits Net a Big Return in Competition in SFGate's The Technology Chronicles

KGO-TV's ABC 7 News. Watch on our Blip.tv channel

NetSquared Conference 2007 in WorldChanging

NetSquared N2Y2, NetSquared First Take, Cross Disciplinary Approaches to Changing the World, Some Nonprofits Just Suck and NetSquared Winners in Tactical Philanthropy

NetSquared in Beneblog

Remixing the Web for Social Change in Technology, Health and Development

Sunlight Partners Win! in SunSpots

Web Do-Gooders Win Cash
in GigaOM

NetSquared! in Democracy: Internet TV blog

Maps 2.0 at N2Y2 Day One in Maps 2.0

NetSquared Conference: Remixing the Web for Social Change by Bellanet

Mind the Gap and Following NetSquared in Lotusmedia 2.0

Supporting Non-profit Innovation Through NetSquared: A Drupal Module for Newscloud in Social Signal.

Four Ways to Participate in N2Y2 Online
in Nonprofit News Online

NetSquared is Now in San Jose/Santa Clara in Susan Mernit's Blog

Podcast: NetSquared Founder in onPhilanthropy

NetSquared N2Y2 in NurtureGirl

More Networks and Nonprofits in Philanthropy 2179

NetSquared Conference
in Lisa's WordPress Demo!

NetSquared. And How!
in Freedom for IP

II'm Blogging at NetSquared and NetSquared Project Winners in Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Who'd we miss?

Photo Credit: Typewriter by April Killingsworth