N2Y2 Agenda and Experts Online

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If you participated in the voting process to select the 21 Featured Projects going to the NetSquared Conference, you are probably wondering, what happens next? Well, we've posted the Conference Agenda online so you can see how it is all going to work.

Basically, on Tuesday morning (May 29th), each project will do a five-minute presentation in front of the whole group. Then, starting Tuesday afternoon, projects will take part in smaller Feedback Sessions. By lunchtime on Wednesday (May 30th), each project will have presented for a panel of experts and participants in a Social Impact Feedback Session, Economic Sustainability Feedback Session and Tech Innovation Feedback Session. Projects will receive feedback from participants and panels of expert reviewers, who you can see here.

Before voting starts, the projects will have one last time to shine during a Carnival of Open Projects where voters can chat individually with the projects.

Voting will start at around 2:20 PM PDT on Wednesday and the winners will be announced and receive their awards at around 4:15 PM PDT.

If you would like to attend the Conference, we still have some open seats available.