Last chance to cast your vote for top nonprofit tech tool

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Join the Net2Builders group and contribute to this month's poll:

What emerging tech. tool do you think has the most potential to help nonprofits and NGOs create social change?

So far, Content Management (web publishing platform) and Social Networking are neck-and-neck with podcasting trailing behind.

And we've had some write-in answers:

"Content management systems as web application platform (Start with a simple website, graduate to constitute engagement and go further to back office donor management . . .all on the same technology platform)"

" resource-sharing networks have the best potential to build community and create change-sharing skills, experience and equipment for mutual benefit."

"What about teleconferencing?  Hell, an iChat account in every nonprofit board room and on every project director's desk would expand communication capabilities tremendously!  Specifically with regard to emergency relief efforts."