Join the Blogger Challenge: Raise Funds for Public Schools

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DonorsChoose has launched a new program called BloggersChoose which allows bloggers to search through mini-grant proposals that school teachers have submitted to DonorsChoose, and ask their readers to fund them.

As an experiment, I just set up my own Blogger's Challenge and will write a post tomorrow to ask my readers to support a Butterfly Garden for third graders in the Bronx where 73% of the students come from low income homes, a sixth grade Life Lab garden in San Jose where 77% of the students come from low income homes, and a school/community garden in Manhattan where 91% of the students come from low income homes.

According to DonorsChoose:

 "low income" refers to the percentage of students at a given school who qualify for free lunch, which is considered a measure of economic need. To be deemed eligible for free lunch, a student must submit a form showing family income at or below 130% of the poverty line. In 2001, a student in a family of 4 received free lunch if the family income was $23,530 or less.

$1,150.21 of the three proposals' combined budgets has not been funded. I am asking my readers to fund 50% of that, $575.10.

My blog is starting to look the bumper sticker covered trunk of a Volvo, but I posted a thermometer in my sidebar, and we'll see what happens!