Join the Net2ThinkTank: What is the Return on Investment of the Social Web for Nonprofits?

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Last month, members of Net2ThinkTank wrote blog posts answering the question: What is Needed to Facilitate More Nonprofits' Adoption of the Social Web? A repeating theme in the answers was that nonprofits need to better understand the ROI (Return on Investment), and the metrics to measure that return, before spending time and money on the social web.

So, this month's question is:

What is the return on investment of the social web for nonprofits?


Answer it with a post on your blog, or the NetSquared Blog. (If you've never posted on the Net2 Blog before here's a how-to guide).

Please tag your post, "net2thinktank" and send the link to your post to me at by Wednesday, October 10th at 5 PM EST. I will post a roundup on the Net2 Blog on Thursday, October 11th.