Join the Net2ThinkTank: How Can Nonprofits Use Twitter? Should They Even Bother?

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Happy New Year Net2ThinkTankers!

It's a New Year to share your opinions, thoughts and ideas about how nonprofits can use the social web for social change. In 2007 you answered the questions:

What is needed to facilitate more nonprofits' adoption of the social web?

What is the ROI (return on investment) of the social web for nonprofits?"

How can nonprofits use the social web during the "Giving Season?"

and Who was the Best of the Nonprofit Social Web for 2007?

Our first Net2ThinkTank question for 2008 is:

How Can Nonprofits Use Twitter? Should They Even Bother?

Quite a bit was written about how nonprofits could use Twitter when it started to become popular last spring. Now that some time has passed, how do you think nonprofits can use it to their best advantage, or should they ignore it as a passing fad?

Please tag your post, "net2thinktank" and send a link to your post to me at by Tuesday, January 15th, Noon PST.

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