Join the Net2ThinkTank: How Can Nonprofits Use the Social Web During the "Giving Season"?

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Last month, Lucy Bernholz of Philanthropy 2173 wrote about the Giving Season, the time between now and New Year's Eve when nonprofits head full force into campaigns for holiday and end of the year giving.

I'm sure there are tons of nonprofit/NGO Development Directors and Executive Directors out there asking themselves for the first time this year, "How can I use 'Web 2.0' tools to raise money for my organization?" They need your tips, advice, dos and don'ts.

So, this month's Net2ThinkTank Question is:

How Can Nonprofits Use the Social Web During the "Giving Season"?

You can answer the question with a post on your blog, or the NetSquared Blog. (If you've never posted on the Net2 Blog before here's a how-to guide).

Please tag your post, "net2thinktank" and send the link to your post to me at by Thursday, November 8th at 5 PM EST. I will post a roundup on the Net2 Blog on Friday, November 9th.

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