I Love Social Networking: A Recap of Net Tuesday San Francisco

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Did you know that 59,000 people on LinkedIn say that they work in the nonprofit industry and that the nonprofit sector has the highest percentage of public answers in LinkedIn's Answers section? I didn't. I also didn't know that if you activate your public profile you can create a public page like this: http://www.linkedin.com/in/brittbravo that makes it easy for people to find you online when they are searching for things related to your work and interests.

Dave Sanford of LinkedIn told us all of this, and more about how nonprofits can use LinkedIn during his presenation at Net Tuesday in San Francisco. Plus, LinkedIn sponsored the food and brought us awesome pies from Mission Pie.

They haven't launched this feature yet, but soon LinkedIn will begin giving nonprofits and NGOs static pages where they can post information about their organization, including a donation button. Users will be able to take badges of organizations that they support and put them on their LinkedIn profile.

You can check out 10 Ways to Use Linked In on Guy Kawasaki's blog for more ideas about how to use LinkedIn.

Our other presenter was Oz Basarir of WiserEarth. WiserEarth is a wiki-like project to provide tools to help the hundreds of thousands of organizations that address social justice, poverty, and the environment find each other, collaborate, share resources and build alliances. They will be launching in April 2007, but if you want to be part of their beta testing group, send them an email at wiserearth@naturalcapital.org. One of the coolest features of WiserEarth is that after doing a search for people and organizations on the site, you can export the results to Google Earth and see where they all are.

You can read more about their work in this story from the San Francisco Chronicle.

I've always thought social networking was interesting, but something about these two presentations gave me an ah-ha moment that these kind of connections really can create positive change. So since the event I've been adding to my profiles and connecting with people on LinkedIn, Change.org, and Barack Obama's social network (wahoo!).

If you're interested in chatting more about nonprofits and social networking, comment on this post, and Deborah Elizabeth Finn's post, "Online Social Networking and Knowledge Management for Nonprofits: How About a Mashup?", and start or join a discussion on Tech Soup's Emerging Technologies Forum.

Recordings and interviews from the event will be available on the NetSquared Podcast (thanks to David Collin) in a couple weeks.

Photo from Net Tuesday by Leo Romero. You can see more of Leo's photos from Net Tuesday here.