How to Start a Net Tuesday in Your Town

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Do you want to meet social changemakers and web innovators in your town? Consider starting a Net Tuesday.

There are 30+ Net Tuesdays being organized around the world and your city could be next!  

If you're interested in starting a Net Tuesday, here's what you need to do:

1. See if there is a Net Tuesday already happening in your city here.

2. Email me (Amy Sample Ward) at so I can help you getting started.  

3. Find another person to organize the event with you. We've found that Net Tuesdays with two or more organizers last longer than ones with one organizer.

4. Pick a Tuesday to meet. We recommend keeping the same time each month (i.e the 2nd Tuesday of the month) so people can add it to their calendars ahead of time.

5. Decide what you want your first meeting to be about. Some groups have speakers, some have hands-on trainings, some have discussions, others have "Pimp My Nonprofit" sessions where the group brainstorms how a local nonprofit can take their web presence to the next level. You can try different kinds of topics and formats each month to see what suits your group's needs the best.

6. Find a venue for your event. Ideally it will have WiFi, be near public transportation, and be wheelchair accessible. If they sell food and drinks, it is a plus, but not necessary.

7. If the venue doesn't sell food and drinks, see if you can get food and drinks donated. Let the sponsor know you'll put their name in all of your outreach messages, and that they can have a sign at the event. If you have alcohol, be sure to have non-alcoholic options and food too.

8. Spread the word. Once you have a date, time, place and topic, start letting people know about your Net Tuesday at least 2 weeks beforehand. I can post about it on the NetSquared Blog (and so can you). We can also list it in the Net2 e-newsletter and let the members of our NetSquared Facebook group and Facebook Page know about it. In addition to letting friends and colleagues know about your event, list it on nonprofit technology related list servs, social networks and other technology and social change related sites. Try Twittering it too!

Here are some of the places we list Net Tuesdays in San Francisco:

501 Tech Club (NTEN)

Laughing Squid
Progressive Exchange
SF Station
WorkingAssets Newsletter

9. Ask people to sign in with their name and email when they arrive at your event and have boxes to check if they:
• Would like to be added to your NetSquared Meetup group
• Are already a part of the group
• Do not want to be added to the group.

10. As your group grows, ask members if they would like to blog, take photos, videotape or podcast at the event.

Whether you are a nonprofit, a techie, or a nonprofit techie Net Tuesdays are great ways to meet like-minded folks who want to use the social web for social change.

Questions? Email me at