How to Find Time to Write for your Nonprofit's Blog

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Holly Ross, NTEN's Executive Director, posted a number of good nonprofit blogging tips in her piece yesterday, Blogs, Blogs, Everywhere, and Not a Thing to Write.

I though that her advice about how to find the time to blog was useful:

"How I cope: I get in the office first each day. From about 7:45 to 8:30, I am generally alone. I use that time to do my blogging because there are relatively few interruptions and I get it done more quickly. I also love to blog when I am stuck in airports. I can't focus on 'real' work there, anyway."

As was her advice about commenting:

"How I cope: I set a goal for myself: 5 blog comments a week, or 1 a day. I skip it if I can't find a post where my comments would add to the conversation. But I try. This is probably the part I am worst at."

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