Gelato and Web2forDev 2007

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Do you want to make the world a better place and eat amazing food? Then start looking for flights to Rome for the week of September 24th for the Web2forDev: Participatory Web for Development Conference. The Conference will be held at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and runs September 25-27 with a pre-conference September 24th.

Web2forDev is the, "first conference devoted to exploring the ways in which international development stakeholders can take advantage of the technical and organizational opportunities provided by Web 2.0 methods, approaches and applications."

They have a blog that you can contribute to (ckreutz posted a call here a couple of weeks ago for bloggers), and a wiki where you can help to shape the agenda of the open spaces and incubator sessions.

African Uptimist recommends that prospective participants read, ""The Power of the Social Web for African Civil Society" on Kabissa, especially if they are working in Africa. He also gives a cool example of a web2fordev innovation, CAM, "a smart way of using mobile phones equipped with digital cameras to capture microfinance data in developing countries." You can read his whole post about CAM here.

Sounds like Development Seed will be there talking about, Portal 2.0: Using Social Software to Connect Geographically Dispersed Teams:

Our presentation will talk about how interactive software can be integrated into program operations to improve communications between teams on the ground and their offsite associates. This will become even more important (and possible) as connectivity improves in developing countries and spreads out to rural communities. We want to cut though the buzzwords of internal blogs, wikis, and RSS readers and look at how these tools can really be used and how simple solutions can lead to huge performance improvements within teams.

Do you think they are offering bloggerships (: ?

Photo Credit: Rome by Get Directly Down.