Four Ways to Participate in N2Y2 Online

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1. Participate in the Remote Conference:


Tuesday, May 29, 4-5 pm PDT
How can online tools help organizations achieve their health-related goals?
With Guest Expert: Enoch Choi of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Wednesday, May 30, 9-10 am PDT
How can online tools can help organizations achieve their environment-related goals?
With Guest Expert: Dawn Danby of WorldChanging

2. Join the Back Channel Chat

Check for updates on the backchannel chat locations. There have been some complications with IRC for those at the conference.

Go to or log into the back-channel via IRC, on | #NSRemote

3. Follow the N2Y2 Tag

Check out our N2Y2 Yahoo pipe.

4. Twitter All Things N2Y2

Follow the conversation on the Net2 web site and join NetSquared on Twitter.