Follow N2Y2 Online: Meet the Bloggers and Vloggers

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We've got a great team of N2Y2 bloggers and vloggers who will be covering the Conference so you can follow along online. You can follow the bloggers here on the NetSquared blog and the vloggers on the NetSquared Blip TV Channel.

Our seven N2Y2 Bloggers will be:

Tim Bishop is an entrepreneur, writer, project manager, and technology product developer from Berkeley, California. He liveblogged the 2006 NetSquared Conference and is delighted to be back this year, contributing again.

Beth Kanter who many of you know from her fabulous NpTech tag summaries, blogging on the NetSquared Blog, and from the wealth of NpTech information she shares on her own blog, Beth's Blog. You can see Beth's video intro here.

Dylan Taylor is the Regional Ride Director in the San Francisco office of Best Buddies International. You can read some of Dylan's posts on the Best Buddies Hyannis Port blog and Hearst Castle Blog.

Erica Rios is the Internet Project Manager for the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology. She liveblogged during the 2006 NetSquared Conference on her NetSquared blog.

Evonne Heyning is the Creative Director of Amoration. Evonne is involved with ManorMeta, one of the Nominated Projects. You can learn more about Evonne on her NetSquared blog.

Rebekah Truemper is a freelance editor with Quinn Marketing and Communications. You can learn more about her work on her LinkedIn profile.

Sophia Tu is a student at Stanford majoring in Science, Technology, and Society. She keeps a personal blog, Splash and Puddles, about her travels.

Our two N2Y2 Vloggers are:

Elliot Margolies currently works with the Midpeninsula Community Media Center, where he was the Executive Director for many years, managing new initiatives. You can read Elliot's intro on the NetSquared Blog and see two examples of his video features here and here.

Tom Ficklin is the CIO of Empower New Haven. He did some great vlogging at the 2006 Conference which you can see here.