Envision Hawai‘i, ChipIn and Social eCommerce

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Just got back from vacation in Hawai'i and am still feeling the Aloha spirit, so I thought I'd write a post about Hawaiian nonprofits using the social web for social change.  Let me know if you know of any 'cause I didn't find any examples, but I did come across Beth Kanter's interview with Carnet Williams from last summer.  Carnet started Community Networking Technologies (which later became NetCorps) and went on to help start NTEN as a board member, and co-founded npoblogs.net.  He and his wife moved to Hawai'i a few years ago.  You can check out his blog at Darkstar.

Coincidentally, he is also involved with a Hawaiian startup called ChipIn, which I found through a June 28th  interview from the Honolulu Times about Song Choi, who in addition to co-founding ChipIn, is involved with Envision Hawai‘i, a network of young people, "working to make careers out of making a difference in Hawai‘i."

ChipIn's goal is to provide groups with a "social ecommerce" tool to make it easy for them to collect money for a social cause.  You can check out the ChipBlog here and read more about ChipIn in this Honolulu Business Magazine article.

Photo via ewen and donabel's photostream.